Sunday, June 29, 2008

Donovan - Wild Witch Lady

Ok i had my weekend all planed out with some record digging and posting and after a great Friday night out for some sushi and wine with some of my favorite blogging musical peers, DJ Prestige of Flea Market Funk fame, Larry Grogan from Funky 16 Corners and the lovey JJB from Eye Eat Music I though man what a great weekend this is going to be. But after some fine wine, lots of music geek talk and great sushi at Taka in Asbury Park, back over to DJ Pres' house for some more wine and great spun tunes by the DJ himself and then over to the Brick wall for a few pints of Stella to hear DJ Jack the Ripper spin some 80's dance music all should have been right in the world but alas i woke up at 4 in the morning with my throat closed shut and choking on my own uvula and spent Saturday morning in the hospital with some sort of crazy allergic reaction. So no posting and no record digging for the devil...

I'm on some kind of steroids and prescription allergy meds and have to see a specialist to see why this all happened. But any i'm braving this ill feeling to try and put together a little something to hold you good folks over that keep coming back and i really appreciate it as i rapidly close in on 50,000 hits!!!

so keeping in line with my last posting of the Butthole Surfers doing some Donovan i give you Donovan doing Wild Witch Lady one of my personal faves from Mr. P Leitch off his Cosmic Wheels album, a cut i know my man Deacon Brimstone over at Blues for the Red Boy will appreciate.

While Donovan is mostly know for his whimsical Folk songs and mild Psychedelia this track has a bit of a harder edge. Kind of like T. Rex meets The Occult!

Hope you dig...?!?!???

Donovan - Wild Witch Lady


The RedBoy said...

I was just listening to this track yesterday. Glad you posted it (Now I am no longer tempted). I do, however, think your readers will not get the full 'Cosmic Wheels' effect until they see the diecut naked Donovan poster contained within.

Perhaps your throat-hole closed up because you have a tiny girlish mouth?

Get well soon Pappy.

Devil Dick said...

i did contemplate posting said 1/2 naked donovan poster along with the album cover but decided not to totally freak my readers out....

Mondo said...

Hey DD we're in synch I posted a Donovan number - last week (plus funky cuts from John Martyn and Led Zep')

Devil Dick said...

Planet M I've got my songs ready for a Funky Friday for you! I'm just waiting on the lady friend!!!
let me get over and check out ur Donovan!!!

Unknown said...


I had this trapped on vinyl since 1974. Love it.