Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bad Guys - No More - Ex-Cape

More New Jersey Hardcore & Punk Love....

I had always thought that Bad Guys came before The Worst but i was just told from Greg Gory of The Chronic Sick that The Worst came first THEN they changed to the Bad Guys but after everyone told them this was a bad idea and they then went back to being The Worst.

Good thing they did too because this record is no where near the ripping hardcore awesomeness of what The Worst were. What we have here is a more punky power pop type style. I guess these guys were trying to be more "mature"....??? I for one am glad they went back to the jersey shore knuckle head hardcore shore-core thing. Its not a bad record but it aint The Worst.... heh....

Bad Guys - No More

Bad Guys - Ex-Cape

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Holly said...

I hate that technology has made it impossible for something this endearingly, wonderfully inept to be released in this day & age.
Thanks for sharing!