Monday, January 2, 2012

The Colts - Shiek Of Araby - Guiding Angel

The Colts is one of two black vocal groups that came out of Bakersfield, California (the other group was The Paradons of "Diamonds and Pearls" fame). Lead singer Ruben Grundy, his brother Joe Grundy, and Carl Moland lived on the same street in Bakersfield. When the three moved to Los Angeles to attend L.A. City College, they put together a vocal group with fellow student Leroy Smith, who came from New Jersey. (Love all things Jersey!)

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The Colts - Shiek Of Araby

The Colts - Guiding Angel


Jon said...

Any half serious country music fan knows that Bakersfield has a great musical history but doo wop is straight outta New Jersey. Alright, it's straight outta New York but almost all of the great, white doo wop groups were from Jersey. In any event, I suspect this works because of the guy from Jersey.

Devil Dick said...

jon u know the jerz rulez!!!!!!