Friday, February 27, 2009

Rusty Draper - Hip Monkey

How about that Planet Mondo? Mondo Insane-O!!!

Excuse me but I'm a bit tardy on my current events, as I've had a bit of the blogging blues, but in light of semi-new news news I'm sending this post out to the woman who had her face ripped of by a mad monkey named Travis: for anyone out of the loop, read about it here:

The Monkey or Chimp to be exact was shot dead by the fuzz after ripping the eyeballs out this woman's head.

And while I don't think it's particularly funny that this woman got hurt severely, you gotta ask yourself, do i REALLY want to go hang out with a 72 year old woman and her monkey? Let this be a lesson to everyone, monkey's aint hip, they don't want to wear a diaper, smoke cigarettes, fetch your fucking newspaper or clean out your drool cup; they just want to swing from trees in the jungle with other monkeys and rip your ugly face off!

So like, if yer pals have a 200 pound chimp and they invite you over for some "fun" maybe you should stay home....

As for Rusty Draper well... Whatever.

Rusty Draper - Hip Monkey


Anonymous said...

You could have done a whole mix of monkey songs in honor of that poor lady.
btw it's not only old ladies with monkeys...I see young girls with them too.

Devil Dick said...

yeah jack, my plan was a monkey mix however me and my turntable are currently apart and i don't know when i'll see her again...


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog today. I was getting my 45s from another blog, but he only posts them for a month, so anything older is gone. Glad to see I can go back month by month.

I think it might be a good idea to write the year of the recording more plainly in the blogs. Perhaps next to the download link.

this one is from 1958.