Thursday, February 5, 2009

Forward To The Caves Play List 2/5/09

the cramps - human fly
stooges - little doll
u-boats - street tough
peter & the test tube babies - banned from the pubs
black flag - i've heard it before
overkill - hells getting hotter
stains - revenge
blitz - someone gonna die tonight
husker du - real world
dk's - kill the poor
the partisans - police story
demob - no room for you
DOA - human bomb
GBH - race against time

robert ashley - comic strip rock and roll
frankie baldo - strange guitar
neil burris - the sissy song
bobby williamson - i need everything
little jimmy dickens - truck load of starving kangaroos
teddy randazzo - be kitten little chicken
the spats - gator tails and monkey ribs
len barlow - hades highway
dick kent - backin up the devil
bobby moline - devil get behind me

bintangs - demons
comus - diana
country joe & the fish - not so sweet martha lorriane
tonny dee - velvet acid
allman joys - i'm snding you back
jackie lomax - eagle laughs at you
evil - whatca gonna do about it
lincoln st exit - sunny sunday dream, half man, time has come time to die
mimi & richard farina - reno nevada
sweetwater - windlace
clease - weird one
crying wood - blue eyed witch

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