Friday, February 6, 2009

The Devil's Music: Devil Dick Covers Mix Vol. 6

A few cover songs strung together for the 6th devil's music mix:

I make no bones about it; I'm a rock guy @ heart. Here is a little thing i threw together w/ some Rockin' cover songs i happen to dig. I think I'm gonna take a little break from posting for a while. I'm kinda bored & burnt out on this shit and i think i need a break...

Till next time, dig the tunes...

Colosseum: Theme for an imaginary western - English Rock Jazz, Prog band do Mountain.

Neil Merryweather: 8 miles high - Neil was some sort of funky space alien guitar god, here is his take on The Byrds classic.

Slade: Move over -Good time glam boys and their take on Janis Joplin classic. ( i like this one more)

McPhee: I am the walrus -Australian psych/prog band doing the boys from Liverpool.

Juicy Lucy: Willie the pimp -Saucy blues-rockers give us some Frank Zappa.

Leslie West: This wheels on fire - the great fatsby does some folkie gone electric.

Houston Fearless: Mr. soul -Don't know shit about Houston Fearless - i picked this record up for .99 cents about 15 years ago. Cool take on Neil Young's tune.

Taste: I'm moving on -Before the boogie guitar god of Ireland was a solo lad he was in a "Blues" rock band. Here he is in Taste and a version of a Hank Snow cut.

The Devil's Music: Devil Dick Covers Mix Vol. 6


Anonymous said...

to the very finest coverer of songs (well, re-inventor really),
Lux Interior RIP
Matt, Worksop, UK

ana-b said...

hope you'll come back soon...i enjoy your blog very much..

it's one of my regular stops..

thanks for all the nice tunes..


The Wolfmen said...

That is a mighty mix - funnily enough was looking at some Taste tunes on a Polydor comp recently

Mighty 1 said...

Husker Du's 8 miles high kicks Neil Merryweather's ASS

Mighty 1 said...

You have inspired me to make a new blog of my favorite covers. Don't worry none of you hippy fags will like it.