Friday, February 20, 2009

The Devil's Music Guest Mix - Planet Mondo - 33 And a 3rd Eye

Ok all you devil’s disciples out there, we have a very special guest mix for you all from Mr. Planet Mondo himself today and this (Good) Friday.

It’s something we been kicking around for a good long while now when me and the JJB strung together a few little ditties for him on one of his Funky Fridays!!!

When I 1st started this goofy @ss blog Mr. Mondo was one of the 1st few folks that would stop by and check out what we were dishing out over here and with high praise from someone who knows his music, as he does, his taste is impeccable, well; it gave me all the more incentive to keep it up! So many thanks Mr. Mondo!

And with any out further ado, here is the guest mix we’ve all been waiting for!

Before anything I must thank Devil Dick for the invite to rustle up a mix for his hot-rocking blog, following DD and Lady DD's swinging trip to Planet Mondo last year - and his patience in waiting for so many months for me to get it together.

So the essence of today’s mix, and the moment I'm hoping to capture with this patchwork of tracks, is that hair-bare era from 67-71 when mods became rockers, rockers turned hippy and hippies got heavy. With the mood of the tunes being one of frizzy hair, fuggy clubs, open-air freakouts and underground festivals. Topped off with a revved-up ‘Easy Rider’ attitude, dressed in suede tassle jackets, (maybe with patches about 'Pollution' and 'Peace'), granddad shirts - or for some Wild Things, perhaps a run out to a few 'scene' boutiques like Granny Takes A Trip, Mr Freedom (later the site of McClaren's proto-punk Sex/Seditionaries shops), I Was Lord Kitcheners Valet or The Chelsea Drugstore as referenced in the Stones lyrics and seen in Clockwork Orange......A few points worth watching out for on this trip around the tracks are...

The Pretty Things in disguise as Electric Banana

The Spencer Davis Group in mufti as The Murgatroyd Band

Prog-God Vangelis and man-mass Demis Roussos hiding in Aphrodite's Child

Norah Jones cousin Anandar Shankar,giving it some sitar hero twang on Jumping Jack Flash..

As well as influences on rock and punk's heaviest-hitters from The Creation - whose tune Through My Eyes was a sometimes Sex Pistols live number, and guitarist Eddie Phillips guitar bowing technique was later borrowed by Jimmy Page.

And finally The Pink Fairies - a hairy bunch of biker-rockers, that gigged with their biggest fans The Damned, at Punk's first recorded Festival, an event where the Fairies rechristened The Damned's Ray Burns as Captain Sensible..

But, for now that's quite enough pyshco-babble from me. So bloggers, blogettes, rockers, rollers, strummers and stoners, please - unlock your ears, free your mind, turn on, tune in and R.O.C.K out to...

33 and a 3rd Eye

Hold On - Ipsissimus
The Kettle - Colosseum
Blows Your Mind - Electric Banana
Towards The Skies - The Gods
Father's Name Is Dad - Fire
Coke Ad' - The Who
How Does It Feel To Feel - The Creation
I'm Not Your Stepping Stone - The Flys
Crying Shame - Frijid Pink
The Battle Of The Locusts - Aphrodite's Child
Instant Whip - The Tremeloes
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Amanda Shankar
Bad Trip - Bo Diddley
Hey Big Brother - Rare Earth
Magpie - The Murgatroyd Band
That's The Life - The Good Earth
Fire - Pegasus
I'm A Man - Wynder K. Frog
Magic Mirror - Aphrodite's Child
Get Out Your Rock And Roll Shoes - Crocheted Doughnut Ring
Shake 26 - Underground Set
Walk Don't Run - The Pink Fairies

PS There's a couple of cuts that didn't quite make the final edit on today's Funky Friday posting - should you fancy getting the full set...


Simon said...

Great great mix! Getting the LOUD treatment in my kitchen right now as I make breakfast!

Gotta go, the neighbours are banging on the walls!!

Keith said...

Wow! This is awesome. I'm really digging listening to these tunes on this Friday morning. Cheers!

Mondo said...

Thanks chaps - don't forget to check the outtakes on the PM blog..

Including a heavy-hitting mystery artist

Devil Dick said...




Anonymous said...

Looks scrumptious :)I'm gonna dive right in... Kudos to you and the Devil for the hookup...

Peace and blessings.

Mondo said...

Thanks DD, that garage a go-go mix is 75% finished - I'm sure I can fine tune it for you if you're up for it..

Fill your rock n roll boots Vince

Devil Dick said...

hit me up w/ that mix when ever you want brother of rock!!!

Anonymous said...

Great mix, but what's the secret track between "That's The Life" (The Good Earth) and "Fire" (Pegasus)?

Mondo said...

Anon - whoops, forgot to crack that one in the track list its actually..

Nashville Teens - Ex Kay One Lx

Anonymous said...

I just listened to this and WOW!! It's like turning the radio on and finding an underground radio station circa 1970. Great complilation. Do you have more like this?

Thank you very much!

Annie O.

Devil Dick said...

annie o,
if u click the "mix" link in the labels section at the bottom of the post there are a few more similar "mixes"...

hope u find 'em....!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?