Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Squares - Davey's Drag

Sax rocker with a guitar break from the squares on the Bristol records label. This is sort of a doo-wop rocker and a bit of a garage/surf rocker. Maybe caught in between? The year i found on the web is 1959. I don't know.... I got nothing. I've been sick and tired and i'm bored so i pulled this out while cataloging some records and decided to download. Maybe someone has some info? If not enjoy anyway.

The Squares - Davey's Drag


Anonymous said...

this is a record from Central Illinois. Dick Benson was in this band and was later associated with Ron Volz of the Rockin' R's (The Beat, Crazy Baby etc).

This was also released on the TEL label (a division of United Telefilms Records Inc).

bob from Peoria

Bob said...

D. Sanderson : could it be David Sanderson of The Royaltones "Poor Boy" fame?

This Bristol 45 was also issud on Tel 1003