Saturday, August 14, 2010

Avengers - Paint It Black - Thin White Line

So last week i got to do something i don't get to do very often anymore and that was go out without children! So me and the lady went out for some food and a few drinks at the newly renovated Bond St. Bar in Asbury Park. I used to drink there back in the day when it was a lesbian bar because they used to sell 50 cent Meister Brau! It sat dormant for years but now it is back open and pretty cool. Cheap drinks and cheap, but good food. After we had a few pints of Guinness & some grub (Sweet Potato Fries, Fish Tacos and a Grilled Cheese w/ Artichoke and Sun Dried Tomatoes) we headed north to Long Branch to see The Avengers @ The Brighton Bar! The Brighton is Rock & Roll Legend and so are The Avengers. It was a pretty packed house with a mix of youngins and old farts. After a slew of opening bands, some that were ok, The Avengers took the stage and pretty much nailed it. They played all the "hits" opening the set with We Are The One... Nice. I would have thought they would have played that last but the stormed right out the gate. Singer Penelope Houston looked and sounded great. we didn't have a camera but the lady snapped a blurry pic with the phone. So in honor of getting to see this legendary band i bought myself this here little 6 inch from 1983 and now i give it up to you. They did in fact play the Stones cover live too!!! I bought the patch and button at the gig too. I'm a sucker for kitschy collectable shit...

If you need the 411 on the Avengers here is the Wiki info:

The Avengers are an American rock band in the first wave of American punk rock, formed in 1977 in San Francisco, California. Penelope Houston, who later became a folk musician, was their singer.

Original history
Drummer Danny Furious and guitarist Greg Ingraham decided to start a band, and Danny approached Penelope Houston to be their singer, who agreed. They finished their lineup with Jonathon Postal on bass, although he was replaced shortly after by Jimmy Wilsey. Their first release (which is also the only while the band was originally together) was We Are the One, a three-song EP which was released on Dangerhouse Records in 1977.
The Avengers opened for the Sex Pistols in San Francisco at their final show at Winterland, which led to Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones producing a recording session for the band. In January 1979, Ingraham left the band and was replaced by Brad Kunt, although the band only lasted a few more months until June 1979. An EP, titled Avengers, was released on White Noise Records a few month after the band broke up, which included songs from the Steve Jones produced session.
An album called Avengers (sometimes referred to as the Pink Album, including by Houston herself) was released in 1983. It featured tracks recorded through the band's whole time together, and was compiled by drummer Danny Furious. The album was out-of-print for a long time due to being in "legal limbo", during which time Houston would sell the album in CD-R format directly through her website. The album was re-released in 2010.

Avengers - Paint It Black

Avengers - Thin White Line


Nazz Nomad said...

Fuckin' MEISTER BRAU ! I drank so much of that swill back in the early 80's.

I have been playin' the Avengers album all week. Sorry I missed the NY show.

dk said...


Rotting Corpse A-Go-Go said...

it was a great show. thanks for the upload. Once I get my pictures up loaded I'll let you know where you can check them out

Timmy said...

this little bitchy, yet to be vixenette, needs to have the male population of Crankville spank the living hell outta her ars, until the lifeless toungue of Doom drop kicks her into adulthood.