Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jimmy Dee - Henrietta - Don't Cry No More

Hello people just a really quick one today to fire up this Saturday where finally the heat is breaking up on the East Coast. I'm gonna pound down some coffee and mow the lawn.... But here is a cool little firecracker to start your Saturday off right!

Henrietta is a great little rolling roackabilly number that gets pretty manic and it's flip another nice rocker from Jimmy Dee. The flip has a little Ronnie Self vibe at least to my ears. And dig that out of tune guitar break! I Think the year here is 1957 or 58.

Jimmy Dee, San Antonio, Texas musician and singer hit 47 on the Billboard Top 50 early in 1958 with the song Henrietta, a rockabilly style early rock 'n' roll song. He appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand TV program during December, 1957.

He was born in May of 1944 and by 1956 had become a club attraction in lounges near San Antonio. His discography is difficult to assemble as he recorded for eleven different labels during the years spanning 1957-1965.

It is known that he was a member of the backing group for the Verve recording artist Sharon Wynter and toured with her but did not sing on any of her recordings. It is reported that he married her sister in 1967.

He worked as a studio musician in both Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee during the early sixties. He is also credited on one of Del Shannon's tracks "Tell Her No", 1965, on drums and back-up vocals. It is thought that he may have toured with Shannon as his drummer.

Jimmy Dee - Henrietta

Jimmy Dee - Don't Cry No More


The Hound said...

Last seen, Jimmy Dee was an executive for the Texas Rangers baseball team, I think he might still be there under his real name which I can't remember at the moment. That's Doug Sahm on guitar on his second single Rock Tick Tock.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, killer. But there's an even sharper version of "Henrietta" by The Sir Douglas Quintet hidden on their LP "Live Love" released in 77 on the Texas Re-Cord label, where they filled up short running time with 2 60s outakes that haven't seen the light elsewhere yet. One of these is Henrietta.(The Lolly Pope)

Lightning Baltimore said...

Love the raw vocals! Reminds me a bit of Larry Collins, but, of course, older than 13. Hmmm . . . I might have to put "Whistle Bait" on my blog now.

Anonymous said...

The Hound is wrong. I don't even like baseball. The truth is I'm still out there somewhere tonight performing. Yeah, it's true. I'm still playing after all these years.

Jimmy Dee