Friday, May 28, 2010

Junior And The Classics - Birmingham

Ok peeps, tonight is the night! The latest 45 session is at hand. If you are anywhere near Asbury Park head down the The Asbury Lanes Bowling Alley for some Fun, Funk, Soul, Beers & Bowling! Doors are ar 9PM, admission is $5, and it’s 18 to get in, 21 to party with ID.

Here is a 45 that i love. It's a real uptempo stomper with a killer sax break. I put the flip of this, a cover of The Dog by Rufus Thomas on the very 1st Mix DJ Prestige and i did a way way back but this tune smokes just as hard. So if you dig this and are close c'mon on down to the sessions where this just might get spun live!

Junior And The Classics - Birmingham


Your driver said...

Sorry I can't join you in Asbury Park, but if you check over at my place, I mention both you and Asbury Park. Prescient? And how. And by the way, this tune is frantic.

Mister E said...

Wow, that's a killer tune. I knew it mostly from Commander Cody ... but then, they knew how to dig up some great songs!

Stephan said...

Scary...this one drives so hard that it should have a warning for people of a nervous disposition.

_) (V) (-) said...

Just found this 45 for $0.50 and it's great!
Which 'Junior' is this... Walker?