Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chuck Jackson - Candy

Not much to say today, (do i ever?) but i am gearing up for this Friday's 45 session down in good old Asbury Park NJ. If anyone reads the BS i push over here they should be well versed in the sessions put on by my man DJ Prestige over @ Flea Market Funk. So I am going through some 45's trying to get an idea of what i might want to spin and i pulled this little bitch out and put it on the turntable and man is it a good one. Kinda funky, kinda rockin', kinda rolling, with a bit of a strut and stroll w/ some superb vox by Mr. Jackson. But the real reason i pulled this out and posted it was because as Mr. jackson is eluding too i myself had a girl named Candy once. In fact she was teh devil's 1st.... TMI i'm sure, but there you go. And although it was a full on kind of thing, and man was it a LOOONG time ago, i still remember little ol' Candy.... anyway, enjoy the tune, and if you had a girl named Candy chime in.... or maybe one that just tasted like Candy....???

As for Mr. jackson..... You can read about him here: Chuck Jackson Bio

Chuck Jackson - Candy


Your driver said...

great stuff! Thanx!

Jussumman said...

This is a dope track)Thank You very much)