Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ribeye Brothers - New Ways To Fail

This is a public service message from the devil:

The Ribeye Brothers, who just happen to be my fave active New Jersey band have a new record out and it would serve you well to go and buy it now!!!!

Visit their Myspace page ASAP! and tell them the devil sent you!

The new album is called "New Ways To Fail" which 1st appeared on this here snazzy 7 inch. Which was either re-recorded or re-mixed for the full length and well worth it!

For those not in the know, this is Big Tim Cronin and John Kleiman of Monster Magnet fame doing some sort of negative, self deprecating, alt country, 60's, pop, psych, mash up that oft sounds like The Monkees on a bad bad trip.... Tim is my fave lyricist of ll time... really great stuff. My kids get a kick out this one too, a sure sign of true genius!

Hop to it sucker and go get the new Ribeye record post haste!!!

and enjoy this lil' taste in the meantime....

Ribeye Brothers - New Ways To Fail


RhysF said...

Cool post! Been waiting for the 3rd Ribeye Bros album for an age...!

Any chance you would upload the 2 covers on this 7" as well? That'd be awesome!!

Devil Dick said...

no man, i don't want to rip the band off here, just wanna try and make people aware that they got a new record out! maybe if i get word from Big Tim that the 7 inch is sold out and they aint gonna repress it i will download the covers, but trust me, they are good!!!

Mykal Banta said...

DD: Great blog! I loved this song. "New ways to trip and fall! New ways to waste it all!" Been there, done that.

I love the concept of your blog. Wish I'd thought of it. Keep up the great work. -- Mykal