Thursday, December 4, 2008

Forward To the Caves Play List 12/4/08

here's what were playing:

skullflower - celestial highway I-III
bloodfarmers - bullet in my head
dinosaur jr - poledo
loot - baby, come closer
robot dicks - black tank
masters apprentices - death of a king
stray - crazy
wall of voodoo - ring of fire
daisycutter - pull
the worst - i don't know / going to new york city
fatal rage - i'm appalled
social decay - banished

quintain americana - one way out
clinch mountain boys - drunkards hell
melvins - night goat
steel mill - get on the line
scab cadillac - explain this
corndog - morning of love
j.d. blackfoot - epitaph for a head
cochran brothers - open the door
bl'ast! - schools out
kanibal komix - nuerotic reaction
cynics - she fell
snakefinger - smelly tongues
the weirdos - rhythym syndrome

jonah jones - i dig chicks
daniel johnston - mind conorted
johnny horton - honky tonk hardwood floor
fats noel - ride daddy ride
marvin rainwater - so you think you got troubles
tiny bradshaw - high ballin' daddy
the stoneman family - black dog blues
rev. charlie jackson - wrapped up and tangled up in jesus
Missing Foundation - Pistol Archive
washboard sam - gonna keep my hair parted

rush - working man
fatso jetson - corn on the macabre
instant death - the enabler
gene clark - no other
sam gopal - cold embrace
freak scene - a million grains of sand
beacon st. union - my love
src - secret destination
aorta - sleep tight / cataclyptic
j.d. blackfoot - the ultimate prophecy
tomorrow - revolution
the deep - choas
blackfeather - at the mountains of madness

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