Friday, December 12, 2008

The Devils Music: Devil Dick Mix Vol. 5 - X-Mas Beer & Doo-Wop Mix 2008

I'm sittin' here drinking from a fine mixed case of Christmas beer the lovely JJB bought and with my half an x-mas buzz put this little doo-wop mix together. It's been a few months since i did one of these little mixes and this is a perfect starter to the weekend. This is the devil's 5th such mixie:

If you dig old school, and i do mean old school doo-wop & R&B & Rock N' Roll, sink your teeth into this mix and please enjoy and drink responsibly! Don't drink & drive stay home and listen to my mix!

1. Moonglows - I've Been Your Dog
2. Spaniels - I Need Your Kisses
3. Russel Jaquet & His Orch. - After Everybody's Gone
4. Vocaleers - I Walk Alone
5. The Balintineers - Tears In My Eyes
6. Pretenders - Part Time Sweet Heart
7. Spaniels - I Lost You
8. Starlarks - Send Me A Picture, Baby!
9. The Cherokees - Brenda

The Devils Music: Devil Dick Mix Vol. 5 - X-Mas Beer & Doo-Wop Mix 2008


Unknown said...

great stuff. are vols 1-3 still up online and if so could i have the links? thanks!

Devil Dick said...

Will, they are. here's teh links...

i see i made grave error and i have 2 different vol. 3 mixes so thi smix is actually my 5th!

8th if you count the joint mixes i did with redboy for halloween and dj presteige and the mix i did for vincent fufu stew!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this stuff! A solid mix as always. The beer looks pretty tasty to!

Thanks for sharing Devil.D

Anonymous said...

Been an awful long time... sorry. I'm all about finals this week but when I saw the image of these delectable beers (hehehe), I got a little thirsty. I've been hoarding a magnum of Anchor Steam's 2006 christmas ale for just the right occasion, and it looks as though this little doo wop ditty my just do the trick :) Keep on doing your thing my friend... and BTW, if you haven't already, you MUST try

Have a good one.

Peace and blessings.

Devil Dick said...

oh yea vincent we know all about the duvel here in the house of the devil!!!!

let me know how that 2006 anchhor was after a few years because this years was teh best i've had in a few years and i've had every year since about 1985! i even made a visit to the brewery while in SF a while back!!!

Donna Lethal said...

Ooh thanks for all the links at once! Happy Hols, DD!