Sunday, August 3, 2008

Friday Night Party and Weekend Digs: A few words and pictorial...

Di the birthday girl gets her my little pony b-day card

JJB: She had a few:

So the JJB had a little B-day party for a few friends that had b-days close together at her place in beautiful Upper Darby PA and Saturday after the party we planned on doing some Philadelphia record digging and dig we did!!! I was trying to get DJ Pres and jack the Ripper out to PA for the digging session but DJ Pres had a gig Saturday and it never happened but you guys have to get to Philly! Philly is a VINYL KINDA TOWN!!!!

here's a few pics:

the JJB & the Devil Dick

Amy with a few empties

The gals: Shannon, Amy, JJB

Jenn, Amy, Di, Shannon.

the B-Day girl gives us a pantie shot!

And now an ass shot!

Demian of Serpents Throne, the fat old man, and B-day girl Di

Drew, B-day boy Metal Jim and Jed from Strapping Young Lad having a Metal Moment.

The 70's rock wasn't cuttin' it for the metal crew so they started their own party!

Pellet gives the 1 finger salute

Victoria, Pellet and the grumpiest Yoga Master on Earth: Josh27

Here is the Saturday Digging session:

JJB Digging Deep

The old man getting down and dirty

The giant face looks on while the devil digs!

Checkin out the digs!

Saturday night we went out for a fantastic vegan dinner at this place called "Horizons" and had some great wine with another friend of Jenn's, Kate who had also just had a b-day. Sorry no pics of Dinner but on the way there we drove past the same cat who was selling records on the street corner that I bought a bunch of records off of months ago. We couldn't stop because we were running late for our dinner reservations which is a shame because it looked like he had a lot more stuff than the last time we stopped but I did manage a few drive by photo's to prove his existence!!!

Sunday morning we got up and headed back to Jersey and decided to hit "The Spot" on our way. We got there late but the old man was there and was holding some vinyl for me. We hit a few tables up and got a few things here and there and ran into Psych Dave who was trying to sell some classical shit to Stinky Steve who was set up but I didn't even bother looking at his stuff because I really can't deal with the kook.... It started to get Hot as balls so we split soon after arrival: but as usual records were plentiful @ "the spot"

JJB gasing up to get back to NJ

The old man diggin' in his bag and giving me the used car salesman lines: "Whoa! There is some rare psych in this batch! Your gonna love this stuff! Fuzz guitars! Wow! Rare too!!!" I'll give yoou a good price too!

this is what i get...?!?

JJB & The Old Man;

Yours truly w/ "Thee Psych Box"

The Digs!

I bought so much shit on the cheap but I'm feeling a bit lazy so maybe after a few more beers i will type out the scores!

A few beers more and here is about 1/4 of the scores!

Bland, Billy - Let The Little Girl Dance - Sweet Thing - Old Town 1076
Bohannon, Hamilton - Foot Stompin' Music - Dance With Your Parno - Dakar 4544
Booker T & The Mg's - Big Train - Home Grown - Stax 134
Brown , James - Stoned To The Bone Part 1 - Stone To The Bone (Some More) - Polydor 14210
Brown , James - Sat It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud Pt 1 - Pt 2 - King 12716
Brown , James - Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved Pt. 1 - Pt 2 - King 6347
Chi-Lites, The - Stoned Out Of My Mind - Someone Elses Arms - Brunswick 55500
Cool Heat - Groovin' With Mr. Bloe - Are You Nuts? - Forward 152
Courtney, Lou - Do The Thing - The Man Is Lonely - Riverside 4589
Crusaders, The - Put It Where You Want It - Mosadi (Woman) - Blue thumb 208
Davis, Tyrone - I Had It All The Time - You Wouldn't Believe - Dakar 4501
Detroit Emeralds - You Want It, You Got It - Till Yoy Decide To Come Home - Westbound 192
DeVaughn, William - Be Thankful For What you Got - Pt 2 - Roxbury 0236
Dramatics, The - The Devil Is Dope - Hey You! Get Off My Mountain - Volt 4090
Eleventh Hour, The - Hollywood Hot - Hollywood Hotter (Instrumental) - 20th Century 2215
Eli's Second Coming - Love Chant Part 1 Part II Silver Blue 7302
Emotions, The - Boss Love Maker - Show me How - Volt 4066
Faith Hope & Charity - Let's Try It Over - So Much Love - Maxwell 805
First Class - It's Never Too Late - The Beginning Of My End - Ebony Sound 187
Hampshire, Keith - Big Time Operator - Mono - A&M 1486
Hathaway, Donny - Little Ghetto Boy - Mono - Atco - 6880
Ingram, Luther - Missing You - You Were Made For Me - Koko 2110
Invisible Man's Band - Rated X - Rated X - Broadway NB7 11 127
Lee, Laura - I Don't Want Nothing Old (But Mooney) - Since I Fell For You - Hot Wax 7201
Lewis, Barbara - Love To Be Loved - Make Me Your Baby - Atlantic 2300
N. E. Philly Band - Why Don't We Live Together - Mono - Fantasy 764
Originals, The - Keep Me - A Man Without Love - Soul 35085
Pagan, Ralfi - Make It With You - Mono - Wand 11236
Price, Pricilla - Funny - Only Yesterday - BASF 15151
Ray Charles Orchestra, The - Booty Butt - Sidewinder - Tangerine 1015
Satamaria, Hugo - Feeling Alright - I Can't Get Next To You - Atlantic 2689
Simon, Joe - Come On And Get It - The Chockin' Kind - Sound Stage 7 2628
Simon, Joe - Talk Don't Bother Me - Mono - Spring 133
Swann, Betty - Today I Started Loving You Again - Mono - Atlantic 2921
Tate, Howard - Baby, I Love You - How Blue Can You Get - Verve 10525
Taylor, Jonnie - Friday Night - Steal Away - Stax 0068
Tolbert, Isreal - Big Leg Woman (with a short Mini Skirt) - I Got Love - Warren - 106
whatnauts, The - World - We'll Always be Together - Stang 5034
Youngblood, Lonnie - Man To Woman - Man To Woman (Instrumental) - Shakat 708
Young-Holt Limited - Mellow Dreaming - Black and White - Cotillion 44092
Z.Z. Hill - Think People - Don't Make Him pay For His Mistakes - Hill 222


Anonymous said...

mmmm... JJB can't get enough of old men I see, but that is a little over the top!... Funny thing is that we looked thru "Thee Psych Box", set right up down a few tables from another "Car Salesman Liner"...

I guess he did his job because Mr. Love scored a 80 dollar record off him... some Olivia Newton John record (as you can tell, not so much a fan)

Rock on brother!

-Great pics of your shindig, that one pic of you and Jables is a great way to describe the word "inebriated"!!! too cute!

Mighty 1 said...

Jesus Christ! You expect people to read all that shit. People have lives ya know!?!?!?!?