Saturday, August 30, 2008

Don Pearly - Crazy-Crazy

Way back when i 1st started this blog i posted the A side to this 45 Drag Race and none other than Mr. Pearly himself left a comment asking for the flip because he lost his only copies of his record in hurricane Mitch and since we are finally up and running at full strength here at the Devil's Music well here it is Mr. Pearly! Sorry for the long delay!

Are you still out there Mr. Pearly?

Don Pearly - Crazy-Crazy


Anonymous said...

Yes I am and thank you for following up. Now, how do I play it?

Did I mention I am in touch with Mr. Honeycomb's Son, Jimmy Rogers III? He surfaced on Roatan in Honduras and tells me his Dad is a frequent visitor to the island and will hook me up on his next visit. I never met him but I always wanted to.

Don Pearly

Devil Dick said...

Mr. Pearly, just click the link that says "Don Pearly - Crazy-Crazy" in blue at the bottom of the post and it will take you to a page where you can either listen or download the track! There's some slight noise on the first few revolutions of the record but well worth it! Thanks for making such great tunes all them years ago!

let us know how th emeeting with Mr. "Honeycomb" Rogers!

I may have to post that song in your and his honor soon!