Friday, March 7, 2008

Steel Mill - Summer's Child - Get On The Line

Seeing as I did a whole set of "Kraut Rock" on my radio show last night i will go in that direction here to start off the weekend.

Steel Mill are one of the most mysterious groups to have existed (or not!). The sleeve-notes of the CD re-release of their one and only album detail how the author tried in vain to track down some historical information about the band. All roads were however dead-ends, to the extent that even the British Musicians Union has no record of the any of the band members.

Their sole album is a very expensive record in its original format. And "get on the line" from this single is a Non-Album cut!

I can do little here but relate extracts from the liner notes from the 1994 CD re-release of their one and only album, "Green Eyed God". These were written by Mark Brennan, who documented his efforts to find out some background information on the band thus:

"I first spoke to producer John Schroder who recalled the band's name and the fact that the LP was recorded at London's De Lane Lea studios, but other than that he had no recollection of the album.

Larry Page, the legendary producer/manager who owned Penny Farthing records who released (the two singles and one album by the band) could not recall a thing about Steel Mill.

Jeff Wilkins who worked for Lovigny Marquee the production company who signed Steel Mill, also proved to have little recollection of the band or the whereabouts (of the members).

The British Musicians Union had no record of any of the members, and even the normally reliable collectors shops knew of their releases, but not their history."

The sleeve notes end with appeal for any information to be forwarded to the author at Repertiore Records!

These cuts are from the 2nd single by the most mysterious bands of all time and from, as always, my personal collection!

Steel Mill - Summer's Child

Steel Mill - Get On The Line


planet mondo said...

Summer's Child reminds me a bit of the band It's a Beautiful Day - Get On The Line's a right groover.

Speaking of Kraut Rock have you checked out the comp CD

The In-Kraut: Hip Shaking Grooves Made in Germany 1966-1974 - well worth a spin.

Devil Dick said...

gonna have to try and find that comp. one can never have too much kraut rock as far ras i'm concerened!

The RedBoy said...

They gots the 'In-Kraut' @ 'Vintage'