Friday, March 21, 2008

The Skunks - Heart Teaser

Going to stick with the Fuzzy Guitar oriented sounds on this fine Friday and give you something from Wisconsin USA, land of beer, garage bands & more beer. And oh yeah, BEER!

Guitarist Larry Lynne and keyboardist Rick Allen formed the Skunks in 1964, a short-lived band perhaps best known for recording a rare single for Chess Records with Sonny Boy Williamson, "Fanny Mae." Originally, Lynne led a Milwaukee-based band called the Bonnevilles. Allen joined the group when he was only 18, and the Bonnevilles toured the Midwest. Together, Lynne and Allen formed the Skunks in 1964 as somewhat of a gimmick. The members dyed their hair black and then added white stripes, making themselves resemble skunks. The gimmick didn't last long and the two went their respective ways, but the Skunks did manage to record a few singles and they also did a full length album on Teen Town called "Getting Started" (Teen Town TTLP-101)

This tune as far as i can tell must have been towards the end of the skunks career since it sounds so blatantly "RAWK" as opposed to the 64 Garage sound. Kinda has a slight 'Blue Cheer" vibe.... These Skunks don't STINK!!!

Have a great weekend! I doubt there will be any weekend activity over here because I will be at Split Thy Skull Barley Wine Fest in Philly this weekend!!! WOO-HOO!!!


The Skunks - Heart Teaser


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is late - the "Z4KS" on the label indicates that the record was pressed by RCA sometime in 1970.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all this music.

I'm currently working up a Devil Dick mix of some of my favorites from your blog. Gotta find a way to pass the magic on to my people!

Devil Dick said...

dk, that is awesome my man!

Thanks so much for the continued support!!!

Anonymous said...

The original version of the song was by a band called Flavor - they'd a minor hit with "Sally Had A Party" in the summer of '1968,"Heart teaser" was their follow-up single.

There's also a version by a group called Big Sir (on GRT) who changed the title a bit to "Heart
Teaser,Crowd Pleaser"

As for The Skunks this seems to be their final record.

Davie G.

Devil Dick said...

I never check my comments so thanks davie g!!!

Tim Noble said...

This record came out in 1970. Larry Lynne is still performing under his own name.