Thursday, February 7, 2008

The People's Choice - I Likes To Do It & Foward to the Caves Radio Tonight

Just a quick post to let folks know that we will be on the air tonight doing our foraward to the caves radio show @ WLFR 8 to 10pm EST.

Listen via the web at: WLFR

And in keeping with all things funky ala my last few posts i give you todays jam.
I picked this funky little gem up over the summer on the recommendation of Flea Market Funk headmaster DJ Prestige and its a good un'.... I mean who don't likes to do it???

I hope some folks can tune in, we have a nice mix of garage and psych stuff lined up for tonights little braodcast.

The People's Choice - I Likes To Do It

1 comment:

Mondo said...

Oh yeah - some lovely shuffle and funk happening on that one. Great cut, thanks for posting