Monday, November 26, 2018

Devil Dick Thanksgiving Hangover Cure Mix # 37? or 38?

did u eat & drink too much? i did.....

i thought my last mix was #35 but someone left a comment that it was in fact mix #37. I don't know. I'll take that persons word for it as I'm disorganized as sh*t over here. Anyway, here is some music to help with the upset stomach and indigestion.

anyway, i have lots to be thankful for. hope u do too....?!?

Devil Dick Thanksgiving Hangover Cure Mix #38


M_Sharp said...

Hey Dick- another good mix, thanks! As usual, I didn't know any of the bands, and it rocked. I like the Labels too, this is the first one filed under "Snot". And it looks like it's #38, if anyone's keeping track.

No indigestion or hangover here, I stayed under control. I had an excellent New Belgium Abbey, very tasty. The label says it's "Dark and Rich", unlike me. Yeah, I'm thankful, have a good holiday!

Devil Dick said...

Cheers M_Sharp!

EyesOnTheRoad said...

Just out blogwalkin´, i kinda fell in here by a blog link side door... The Thanksgiving Hangover Mix works just as well for a low-key saturday night, thanks a lot! Great mix of those late sixties psych tunes i love so much.