Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Neighborhood - Why Can't You See - Calling All Girls

I've been sick in bed since Thanksgiving so i will make this brief. I Can't find anything about this group. I can't find a year it was put out or anything. "Why Can't You See" sounds sorta stuck between the mid/ late 60's and early 70's w/ a sorta poppy rock vibe. Sorta bubblegum, but a pretty good little tune. The "WOOO's" sound a bit doo-woppy. Like Frankie Valli or some shit.... both sides have good keys in the background and horns. Kinda hard to put my finger on it. And the flip sounds like a totally different group. It's a sorta slow rolling funky soul instrumental with lots of horns on this one. Anyone have any insight on this???

The Neighborhood - Why Can't You See

The Neighborhood - Calling All Girls

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