Sunday, December 23, 2012

Peroxide (Lyn Todd Band) - Heart Disease - Christine

Don't know anything about singer Lyn Todd, but backstage mentor and Hi-NRG luminary Bobby O went on to notoriety with Divine and then fame with the Pet Shop Boys. He's basically the star of the show here, even furnishing a sharp Midnight Express-style instrumental, "Metropolis Suite." Otherwise, Lyn Todd belts out a batch of dazzling rock/disco ditties that never outstay their welcome. The remakes actually emerge weaker than the killer originals on this great but very rare record.

Lyn Todd's only known album sports the auspice of future disco magnate Bobby Orlando, who played most of the instruments and wrote most of the material. The resultant Lyn Todd record showcases excellent '70s rock bolstered by nascent Hi-NRG. The talented Orlando immediately went on to launch his independent label O Records, which featured Divine and the Flirts, among others. Two members of Lyn Todd's band, sax-blowing keyboardist Mamie Frances and guitarist Geoff Lipp, also played with New York punkers Arthur's Dilemma, Peroxide, and Now.

The above was lifted from the web and is about the full length album that Lyn Todd put out in 1980. It was all the info i could find about Lyn Todd and i could not find anything about this 45 release. This must be from before the full length album because i don't hear any "disco" influence on this punky power pop/rock 45...?

Any help on this release would be appreciated!?!??

Peroxide (Lyn Todd Band) - Heart Disease

Peroxide (Lyn Todd Band) - Christine


Priyath Asintha Wijerathne said...

nice congrazzzz.....

KL from NYC said...

(No matter how early I get here, I always show up after the spam.)

I don't remember seeing these tracks on the Bobby Orlando retrospective CDs that Hot Productions (Florida) had put out years ago, but you might want to check on those. They're out of print, but the track lists should be somewhere.

The only place that I can remember off the top of my head is a South African disco blog, which has these (although I doubt the links still work):
1. The Best of Bobby O 1993 LP (has a photo of him):

2. I Love Bobby O - Various Artists:

The blog has some other Bobby O-produced singles and groups posted, but no Lyn Todd Band.

As for his bio: I've read others where they also called him a genius, but I think that's overstating it. His dance music singles sound too similar are very repetitive (even for dance music), and he's not like Stock-Aitken-Waterman who could be repetitive with their arrangements and still get a pop hit that didn't really sound like the last one.
He seemed to be really good at promoting himself on the fringes of the industry (after-hours clubs, gay bars, etc.), which is no small feat, but his music doesn't hold up (and I like dance music from that era, especially the Euro/Italo synthesizer stuff).

Geoff Lip said...

Hey there. I formed this band and wrote tunes on single with Mamie - the keyboard player. Let me know if you want all specifics on this. Bobby Orlando had nothing to do with this single.

Devil Dick said...

Geoff! Any "correct info" you can provide would be apprciated and i will post it! i pulled those lines off the web about the full length album because that was all i could find!!! i could find nothing about this 45!?! all i know is that there was a 45 sleeve that i dont own!

Cheers! & many thanks!!!!


marianne rahn Rahn said...

for more extensive info on the Peroxide/Lyn Todd 45, contact me at

mamie francis, former keyboardist and sax player for Lyn Todd and Peroxide.

marianne rahn Rahn said...

Re: Peroxide/Lyn Todd 45 info. Contact me at

marianne rahn
mamie fancis

marianne rahn Rahn said...

if you want any more info on Lyn Todd and Peroxide, contact me.

mamie francis

Anonymous said...

if you need info on Lyn Todd and Peroxide, contact me.

mamie francis

Devil Dick said...

email coming!

marianne rahn Rahn said...

there never was a cover on this 45, just a white sleeve.

Devil Dick said...

no cover? i've seen it!!! maybe someone made their own or bootlegged a cover???


Geoff Lip said...

No sleeve. I produced and wrote songs for single with Mamie. We had no $$ for sleeve. Would love to see what you have...Geoff "Lip" Danielik