Friday, February 24, 2012

Ronnie Self - Aint I'm A Dog - Rocky Road Blues

I've posted a few other Ronnie Self 45's over the years and here is another i had in the que for a while. Great 50's rockabilly type rocker that should been a star...

Ronnie Self - Aint I'm A Dog

Ronnie Self - Rocky Road Blues


Jerry Lee said...

I only know Ronnie's music by the covers by other bands, looks like he had a lot of good stuff. Here's a good piece on Ronnie and the Skeletons/Morells, one of my favorite bands:

Hope you made it to the Beats, Brews & BBQ Beer Fest yesterday, the standout for me was several great brews from Roy Pitz.

Devil Dick said...

nope i was at a buddys b-day party but i did drink plenty of beer!