Thursday, January 8, 2009

Forward to the Caves 1/8/09 Play List:

here's what were playin'

fatso jetson - she's so borg
the ribeye brothers - we became snakes
raven - can't you see
hawkwind - motorhead
josefus - i saw a killin'
flower travelin' band - map
blues creation - atom bombs away
chocolate watch band - medication
cactus - feel so bad

the nice - rondo
brave new world - corn dance
hard stuff - sinister minister
the frantics - the whip
guinea worns - box of records
cyanamid - support
butthole surfers - lady sniff
45 grave - schools out
Stetz - kids habits
the mad - i hate music

fresh blueberry pancake - hassles
fudge tunnel - teeth
tiger b. smith - tiger rock
trouble - run to the light
q65 - love is such a good thing
speed, glue & shinki - ode to bad people


The RedBoy said...

Turntable Broken?

Anonymous said...

Right? or Lazy or the Rambling DJ G.Force would Leave and Was distracting Him
Seems like more was played

Anonymous said...

"Wouldn't Leave" is what I meant
screw Blogspot I tried to leave this comment times 3 and It rejected it