Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Revels - Church Key

I just woke up after a night out see Jucifer and i need something a little smooth around the edges. If you've never seen or heard of them they are a 2 piece consisting of a female singer/guitar player, a drummer and a WALL of amps. It was indeed LOUD!!! So loud in fact we left early. (does that mean i really am getting old?)
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So after all last nights racket let's go surfing in January and have a few beers while we are at it shall we?

The Revels were a hard-partying rock & roll surf style frat band from California who are best known for this classic hit instrumental "Church Key".

I was lucky enough to dig this original red vinyl copy up several years ago, so on this cold cold morning here on the east coast sit back and imagine some soft white sand under your feet some chicky babes in bikini's dancing to the jams and dig on some groovy sounds from a distant past... oh and if it's after 12:00 go grab one of them 6-packs too!

While your at it stop over at my boys new addition to the blog world
Blues For The Red Boy. He's a swell cat and his digs are deep so I'm sure he will be dropping many choice cuts in the near future so stop by and stop by frequently!

So here we go!


Anonymous said...

Love the girls laughin

Anonymous said...

The girl laughing is actually credited on the label (!)

Medic349 said...

Thank you for writing this review. My father, Sam Eddy wrote that song and is the male voice. He also played keyboards on that album. It's nice to see that people still enjoy his music.

Devil Dick said...

Thanks Medic! Ur Dad must have been one cool cat!?!?