Friday, December 28, 2007

The Rocking Ghosts - Ghost Walk

Ok, I'm going to switch things up here before the new year with some cool & smooth instrumental surf sounds from the early/mid 60's.

The Rocking Ghosts as far as i can tell were a fairly popular Danish group that actually charted in Denmark with the A side to this single Belinda. They released records in a lot of countries, Germany , Japan, U.S.A., Mexico, etc. Originally started as a school band early 1962 witha trumpet as leading instrument! But changed style and instruments in the middle of the same year. They were heavily inspired by Cliff Richards & The Shadows, so naturally the first recordings were instrumentals.
In 1967 they tried to chance their image to the new flower powerstyle. But the change didn't give them any new fans and they lost a lot of the older fans and the group decided to split up.

Who would have thunk it? Danish surf rock!
So here is the B-side - Check it out:

The Rocking Ghosts : Ghost Walk

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erik said...

Rocking Ghost was one of the most popular danish groups in the 60´s, and Belinda was their greatest hits...I have a couple of cds with them...