Thursday, November 8, 2007

Clash of the 45 boxes: The Heavy Old Man Mix

So last night I met up with Flea Market Funk Ace No. #1 Soul Dude DJ Prestige and had a little clash of the 45 boxes. Jenn & I rolled up a little after 7pm with beers & 45 boxes in hand. After some chit chat and some KILLER vegetarian Caribbean food from Sister Sue’s in Asbury we got down the business at hand!

We had a kind of 45 war. We each picked out 10 45’s and my man Pres was kind enough to let me make the first move. So I being the new guy on the block had to go all out with my move, which he followed up in true DJ Pres fashion. And then we each “threw down” a 45 on each of our “turns” going back and forth each throwing down a 45 until we were out of records. 10 records each, resulting in 2 different mixes! It was pretty cool. At one point Pres took back one of his picks and went to an alternate 45 box because he wasn’t feeling the one he threw down fit the mix! A true pro!

Then my man got down in front of the turntables and mixed that shit up! I think he is going to be putting the finishing touches on both mixes tomorrow and each mix part 1 & part 2 will be posted on each of our blogs, Part 1 on Flea market Funk & Part 2 right here.

So stay tuned because I guarantee some Groovy, Heavy, Funky, Soul goodness!

I can’t thank him enough for hooking this up. He did all the hard work, I just sat back threw some choice 45’s down (and drank beer) and he’s putting all the pieces together. With any luck & with Prestige’s help I will be able to start downloading my own tunes soon!!! (trying to teach an old dog new tricks ya know!?!)



Anonymous said...

new title dude: That's Heavy Old Man!!

Hopefully ready to go on Monday!

Play LOUDER! For Best Results said...

Can't wait to hear this!!