Sunday, November 8, 2020

Songs that make my wife crazy while driving - devil dick mix # who knows or who cares....???

When the wife and i go out she likes to drive. Most of the time i get to pick the music. CD's or iPod/iphone. Sometimes stuff comes up she doesn't like and i refuse to change it, it makes her crazy! She's a rocker through and through and would be happy going through life just jamming 70's rock.... I'm a bit more adventurous. Here's a mix of songs that at one time or another she has tried to make me turn off in the car. I also have no idea wht # mix this is and who cares.....?!? Enjoy! or if your like my wife, NOT! Songs that make my wife crazy while driving - devil dick mix # who know or who cares....???


Anonymous said...

- Prick Nevil -
What are these songs that make people insane ?

Oldcapellon said...

Yeah ! That's are great tunes dude !
my wife she's goin' to go nut. :-))
what's about the track list ?
Thanks !

Man from Mordor said...

Dunno about them musics here listed. Me, I got Wagner’s complete ring cycle (four operas, 20 hour) on repeat play in my car, and that will see me out. It’s the Herbert von Karajan DGG version, although I got both the Knappertsbusch and the Solti sets which I will stick on CDR.

TT said...

Please re-up

Devil Dick said...

TT - it is done