Saturday, June 16, 2018

Twiggs - Moon Maiden

Twiggs -Moon Maiden


Anonymous said...

Constantly amazed at how you manage to get into my house, rifle through my record collection, rip & upload my records and then leave without a trace.
Shame you got the 1 song promo version of this 45. The one to find is the Jerden Records release which also has the excellent Pop-Psych B-Side 'Flowers & Beads'.
Next time you ransack my place you'll find that record at the front of my 45s, but i warn you now it's a bit scratchy sounding..

Tim Klecha said...

Thanks for the new batch of singles. How is the flip side of the Twiggs "Flowers and Beads"?

Devil Dick said...

same song both sides on the promo....

Anonymous said...


What's the 1st comment all about??!
FREAKY COOL man! As for your "labels" = CAN relate, & does anyone care?

Ciao! For now.