Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jumbalayah - Some Sign

Great & underrated hard rock / proto-metal from 1976. You can still get this 45 for around 20 bucks so if your into heavy 70's rockers get one now.

Jumbalayah - Some Sign


Tom G. said...

Yo' Dick, bought that 45 when it first came out and I still have it. Independent release 45s were rare in these parts, but the real reason why I kept it was because these guys were one of the best local rock bands at the time, playing clubs and keg parties. Some where I have photos of them playing an outdoor show at the beach. Robin Henkel, one of the members is still active local, now more of a blues guy:


Devil Dick said...

i'd love to see those photos!?!?!!!!!!

Bill said...

Thanks Devil Dick!

Anonymous said...

I miss the blog updates, will you never return to active duty?

Devil Dick said...

hey anon, i'm in the middle of some real world shit but when i get out of it i plan on posting more!