Thursday, July 31, 2014

John Martyn - Solid Air

A few tracks from John Martyn's 1973 album "Solid Air".

John Martyn - Solid Air

John Martyn - Don't Want To Know

John Martyn - I'd Rather Be The Devil

John Martyn - Go Down Easy

John Martyn - Dreams By The Sea

John Martyn - May You Never

John Martyn - The Man In The Station


snakeboy said...

Quite possibly the best out of his many great LPs.

Devil Dick said...

snakeboy, i'm not very well versed in his output but i enjoy this one a great deal.

Mondo said...

Pretty much any of his seventies output is worth having. Bless the Weather and Sunday's Child are nearly as good as Solid. Grab them if you haven't...

Luckily I got to see him live in Cambridge before he died..

Devil Dick said...

Thanks Mondo! I will search them out!