Thursday, July 12, 2012

Whiteboys - Maybe I Do - Wasting My Time - Young Girls

In my lame attempt to find all thing NJ & NJ related i over paid for this "punk" rock 7-inch a while back. Actually it might have been part of a trade deal. Either way it was priced way to high and in a moment of weakness i snatched it up. You know how it is? You walk into a place with such anticipation that even if something is too much loot or you don't really need it, you don't want to walk away empty handed.... Anyway, its not a bad little record but nothing to earth shattering. Way more ROCK than PUNK.... Chalk off one more lame NJ record from my list.... Here is what hyped 2 death had to say about it below.

WHITEBOYS -Maybe I Do 3:44 (Sunrise Music)Orange, NJ '78: pre-Ambulance: Members of Orange, NJ's Whiteboys twice missed their shot at punk fame. Their only 45 has been kicking around for years in a "promotional-only" version that never had a PS. Radio and fanzines utterly ignored it and it never made it to retail. (Who knows if they ever gigged). Then they reconstituted as Ambulance and did a great 45 with a nebbishy pink PS that never even made the 50-cent bins, although it has belatedly ascended into the KBD whacko$phere.

Whiteboys - Maybe I Do - Wasting My Time - Young Girls

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Jerry Lee said...

Not too shabby for a first effort, certainly not punk. I would have liked to heard them after a year of playing in shitty bars. Thanks Dick.