Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rod Bernard - Pardon Me Mr. Gordon

Last show of the tour tonight! Tonight is the big 15 year anniversary X-mas show @ O2 Islington Academy London, UK - for the mighty Orange Goblin! This should be a Banger for sure!!!

So here is a nice little rockin rocker rockabilly number from Rod Bernard! I may take a few days off when i get home to recuperate! So hang in there!


Rod Bernard - Pardon Me Mr. Gordon


Jon said...

Real cool. I'm glad England is treating you well.

FUKITOR said...

Thank you soooo much for this blog!!! Been perusing through tons of your posts and couldn't be happier. I'm digging all the fuzz, soul, psych, punk, and the occasional oddity...reminds me of scouring through junk stores for records way before the internet. I'm definitely hooked. Thanks for helping to enrich not only my music library, but my life as well! Hoisting up a cold PBR to ya, cheers!

Devil Dick said...

thanks guys! glad to have you all on board! that some sick art work fukitor!!! Killer!!!