Monday, March 15, 2010

Mike Auldridge - Walk Don't Run

Keeping with my previous post about slightly odd cover songs that veer from the true blue path here is something you don't hear everyday, a blue grass version of a stone cold classic, Walk Don't Run by The Ventures as done by A Mr. Mike Auldridge from the album called Blues and Blue Grass from 1974 on the Takoma label. I'm not much of a blue grass fan but this song is really pretty killer. They playing on it is pretty sensational. And if there is one thing i love it is a great cover song of a classic done in a totally different style that works. And this one to my ears works just fine.

Mr. Auldridge was born 30 December 1938, Washington, D.C. is widely acknowledged as a premier resophonic guitar (the instrument formerly referred to as a Dobro) player. He played with The Seldom Scene for many years, creating a fusion of bluegrass with jazz, folk and rock. Mr. Auldridge also has his hand in selling his signature model of Dobro guitars for Beard guitars these days


Mike Auldridge - Walk Don't Run


Holly said...

Very unexpected .. and very nice - thank you !

Your driver said...

As a rule I hate virtuosity for it's own sake. I make an exception for bluegrass players. I like this kind of stuff in moderation. Even with bluegrass, I prefer players who are competent but... hell, I don't know... freaky. Danny Barnes, both as a solo and with the Bad Livers, comes to mind. One of the all time best punk rock shows I ever saw was actually a bluegrass set by the Meat Purveyors. They are prodigious pickers but they are also completely crazy.
Nice tune by the way. Thanks.

PosthuMouse said...

Fuck. Yes. Thanks for this.