Thursday, August 20, 2009

Forward to the Caves Radio Show 8/20/09 & 250,000 Hits!

In honor of the devils music quietly slipping past 1 quarter of a million hits last night i will be on the air tonight from 8 to 10 PM EST doing my lil' ol' radio show!

it's been a while since our last show so hope a few will tune in via the web @


On the air now, here is what we are playin'

sisters of saint francis - in heaven there is no beer
dayglo abortions - black sabbath
awesome color - step up
wig torture - psycho zone
the brats - zombie people
detention - dead rock and rollers
chronic sick - blood type: x
rotters - sink the whales and buy japanese goods
ism - i think i love you
d.r.i. - violent pacification
urinals - ack, ack, ack
cult hero - i dig you
the doctors of madness - bulletin
chron gen - reality
easy action - can't kill you - no where
g.b.h. - catch 22

straight arrows - magic sceptre
spider bags - hey delinquents
koro - 700 club
death sentence
lunatic fringe - who's in control
the clash - tommy gun
le face - no scene
lester bangs - let it blurt
agnostic front - last warning
broken bones - see through my eyes
corrupted morals - be all you can be
beefeater - wars in space
marginal man - marginal man
grim klone band - heats rising

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