Friday, April 10, 2009

The Devil's Music: Devil Dick Mix Vol. 7 - Pile Of Rocks

Here just a big dumb pile of rocks strung together by a guy with rocks in his head and a stone heart and just something to start your weekend out a little rocky... (lame i know, whatever....) The Devil's 7th mix, enjoy some big dumb rock!

Turn it up and get rockin'!!!

REO Speedwagon – Ridin’ the Storm Out: Odd choice you say? Not so much.
Before all that lame ass 80’s shit and before that skinny Kevin what’s his name these guys were laying down some real rockers. Don’t believe me? Crank up Ridin’ the Storm Out and you be the Judge…

Leslie West – Blood of the Sun: From his solo album oddly enough titled “Mountain”.
This has one of THEE coolest and heaviest riffs ever produced short of Iommi himself.

Power of Zeus – It Couldn’t Be Me: Way sought after 70’s rocker with some killer moves and vibes. This song simply jams!

Nektar – Fidgity Queen: German prog freaks getting funky!

Groundhogs – The Grey Maze: I have a soft spot for these English blues hounds and their twisted mix blues & hard rock!

Savage Grace – She’s a Woman: Nice tight Detroit rocker with a somewhat funky edge but still staying pretty hard and heavy. Personally I think these guys are way under-rated.

Tucky Buzzard – Stainless Steel Lady: British Hard rock band formed in 1969 by three former members of The End. Also notable; Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones produced them. Cool loose vibe on this cut and once again under-rated band IMHO.

Heavy Metal Kids – Nature of My Game: They took their name from a gang of street kids featured in a novel by legendary beat generation writer William Burroughs. This is certainly a ROCKER and not metal…

The Devil's Music: Devil Dick Mix Vol. 7 - Pile Of Rocks

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