Friday, March 13, 2009

Marvin Rainwater - So You Think You've Got Troubles

Going to stick with the country/hillbilly side of things and give you some Marvin Rainwater from 1957 for the weekend. This dude kicked in Jersey and man could he rock a headband = way cooler than you.

Marvin Karlton Rainwater (born July 2, 1925 in Wichita, Kansas) is an American country and rockabilly singer who had several hits during the late 1950s including "Gonna Find Me a Bluebird" and "Whole Lotta Woman." He was best-known for wearing Native American outfits on stage. He is 25% Cherokee.

Rainwater was one of country's most noteworthy stars in the 1950s, when his good looks and baritone voice made him popular. One of the first rockabilly songs he recorded was "Gonna Find Me a Bluebird." Released in 1957, the song became a big country-pop crossover hit, making Rainwater one of the first country singers to appeal to a pop market. The song reached number five on the country charts. During the song's success, Rainwater re-located to the New Jersey-New York area. His next single, "So You Think You Got Troubles," was a successful follow-up on the country charts, but not on the pop charts.

Ya know, whenever I'm feeling down, i put this little tune on and think to myself, yep, life still sucks...

so I'm puttin' me a bar in the back of my car and drive myself to drink.

Marvin Rainwater - So You Think You've Got Troubles


Anonymous said...

Marv was appearing at the Americana festival near my home a few years back, which gathers all things alien to us in Blighty (gas guzzlers, Harleys, country music, RV's, etc.) & doubles up as a hotrod/fins 'n' chrome prizegivin' fest & rockabilly booze up. Anyway, a friend of mine ended up teaching one of Marvin Rainwater's road crew the delights of strong, British dark beers until well into the early hours. On the way to the showers next morning, Jeff was confronted by a hoppin' mad half redskin, ranting bout how uncomfortable it is when someone you gotta share a trailer with turns up at dawn unable to stand & then shits himself when you're trying to put em to bed! Sure he got over it tho.
Matt, Worksop, UK

Devil Dick said...