Friday, October 17, 2008

Frankie Stein & His Ghouls - Weerdo The Wolf

The Frankie Stein and the Ghouls records are legendary among Halloween geeks but here's a 45 you don't see all that often... This was released with a picture sleeve back in the day but mine in missing.... :(

"Frankie N. Stein 1st used that pseudonym on the rarest of monster/comedy records- MONSTER RALLY (Starring Hans Conreid & Alice Pearce.) Conreid was best known to TV fans as "Uncle Tanoose" on the old Danny Thomas show: Alice as the Nosey neighbor in the "BEWITCHED" TV series.

But who was Frankie Stein???

The flip to this 45 GOON RIVER was written by Joe Thomas, and WEERDO THE WOLF is credited to Dewey Bergman. So who really was Frankie Stein...???

Frankie Stein & His Ghouls - Weerdo The Wolf


Mondo said...

Amazing keep on grave digging for goodies DD

Anonymous said...

This is an old post, and you might not see this comment, but I'll add it anyway: The "SPC" at the bottom of the label is "Synthetic Plastics Corp" of Newark, NJ whose [infamous] budget labels included: Spin-O-Rama, Diplomat, a number of children's labels, as well as many others (and I mean many). They also had a hand in other budget labels (like Premier & Coronet) and handled the LP pressing for some of the smaller NYC-based pop labels (like Jubilee-Josie) -- you can usually tell by the small-sized label on the LP. None of their "rock & roll" output had any union session people.
Seeing this 45 was a surprise, I'd only heard about them; so, thanks a lot for it [It might have been marketed in the same Point-Of-Purchase rack as their kiddie 45s].
By the way, I just happened upon your blog recently, and I have been enjoying it tremendously. Thanks again.
KL from Brooklyn, NY

Devil Dick said...

hey many thanks for the share KL! glad your diggin' the tunes!

Ryan Shepard said...

Can't thank you enough for all these great Halloween tunes - thanks for taking the time to share your collection! :)

wurlitzer said...

ha ha, i didn't know anyone else had this 45. i named this type of record "ghoul group", you can see pics of some of mine on rcg under this title. best -- wurlitzer