Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Voxpoppers - The Last Drag

Ok, here is something i definitely don't do enough of over here considering i have thousands of 50's rockin' 45's and this here is one of my faves.

This goes out to my man over at Blues For The Redboy and he knows why....

This is the 1st pressing on AMP before Mercury records scooped up the band and put the same cut out in 1958. I found this a while back out in PA for cheap cheap cheap, after owning the only the Mercury 45 for a while now.

Info was pretty scarce but i did dig up a discussion about the band on the One Hit Wonder message board. Looks like they were from Canarsie, NY.

The Voxpoppers: (New-York)

Personnel included:

Freddie Tamburo
Sal Tamburo
Harry Tamburo

Discography :

1958 - The last drag / Wishing for your love (Mercury 71282/Amp-3 1004)
1958 - Pony tail / Ping pong baby
1958 - Come back little girl/A love to last a lifetime (Poplar 107)
1958 - Why do you treat me this way / Come back little girl (Poplar 112)
1959 - Can't Understand it / Blessing after all (Versailles 200)

There is some tasty guitar work on this cut just like the devil likes so please enjoy!

The Voxpoppers - The Last Drag


Todd Lucas said...

Try and dig up a copy of "Come Back Little Girl", if you don't already have one. That one is a real winner too.

Devil Dick said...

Thanks Todd, I need a copy of that no doubt.

I'm still trying to find a copy of the last drag picture sleeve!

The RedBoy said...

"And then the light changed..."


John Engstrom said...

could you please post the flip side of this song "Why Do You Treat Me This Way? I have never heard it before and I would love to hear it. Thanks.

Devil Dick said...

John the flip for this 45 is wishing for your love....