Wednesday, September 5, 2007

End of summer funky ass soul mix

So I haven’t had much time lately to really get a catalog of the records I been finding and list them but I did manage to find some time to sit down with a bottle or two of some nice red wine and make a little mix for myself and a few friends on CASSETTE (Old School Baby!) of some of more recent finds, Now I don’t have any way (as of yet) to get these tunes into the computer ala DJ Pres over at Flea Market Funk but here is my little list.

Side A
Baby Washington – Move on
Little Jr. Parker – Annie get yer Yo-Yo
Oscar Toney Jr. Thank You Honey Chile
Senor Soul – The Mouse
The Lost Generation - The Sly, The Slick, & The Wicked
Chick Willis – Mother Fuyer
Creative Funk – Funk Power
Jackie Moore – Will Power
The Spirits – The Pied Piper
Danny Woods – Everybody’s Tippin’
Oscar Weathers – The Soiler
Soul Clan – Soul Meeting
Dave & Ansil Collins – Double Barrel
Catalyst – Aint it the Truth
Hamilton Bohannon – South African Man

Side B
Barbara Lynn – You Make Me so Hot
Act 1 – I Never in my life…
Executive Suite – You Got It
Young Holt Unlimited – Wah Wah Man
The Peoples Choice – I Likes to Do It
The True Reflection – Whisper
George Freeman – New Improved Funk
Lou Toby and his Heavies – Heavy Steppin’
Little Royal – Razor Blade
Laura Lee – Rip Off
Ike & Tina Turner – Funkier Than a Mosquita's Tweeter
Olympic Runners – Drag it Over Here
Dakila - El Dubi
New Birth – I Can Understand

Hopefully soon enough I am hoping to get together with DJ Prestige and get a downloadable mix of some HEAVY FUZZ FUNK 45 cuts from little stable of gems. We talked about it briefly a little while back but I know what a busy man he is so I gots my fingers crossed!

Till the next time,

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